Spring Constant from Momentum Conservation
Momentum Conservation Level 1
You will be presented with two Vernier Dynamics carts that are originally at rest. A spring activated plunger will force these two carts to move apart. The two carts have different masses placed on top of them. Your job is to use the final speeds of the cars to determine the spring constant of the spring that caused this separation of cars to occur.

When you are ready to start the problem, click on the Begin button and when you have finished collecting data hit End to submit your results.
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Use momentum conservation to determine the unknowns you will need in order to find the spring constant of the spring that caused the cars to separate. The mass of the carts themselves, without the masses on top of them, is 500 grams.
Click on little black button at the top front of the right hand car to activate the spring loaded plunger that will propel the carts apart.
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