Labs Available on the Physics Aviary
Below are all the labs available on this site. Click on the picture or the program title to go to the program or click on "See Resources" to see a description of the program and all the resources that go with this program. Use the search engine to help you find a particular lab.
Acceleration Due To Gravity on a Planet
Acceleration In Turn
Atwood Machine Lab
Candy Container Lab
Circular Acceleration Lab
Circular Forces
Circular Friction
Circular Motion Learning Lab
Classic Circular Force
Cliff Jumping Joey with Prediction
Curling Momentum Lab
Disk Down Incline Lab
Drone Delivery Lab
Elastic Force Lab
Energy Loss on Bounce
Energy Loss on Bounce Guided Lab
Energy Transformations
Equations of Motion Lab
Father Brown at a Constant Speed
Father Brown Constant Acceleration Lab
Firework Vertical Motion Lab
Force Direction Relative to Motion Lab
Force Gravity Bucket
Force Gravity Water Bottle Lab
Force Normal on Space Station Lab
Forces on an Incline Lab
Freestyle Graphing of Motion
Friction Lab
Graphing Motion Simple
Graphing of Motion Lab (Quick)
Graphing Two Stage Motion
Ground to Ground Soccer Kick Lab
Impulse Lab
Impulse Version 2 Lab
Inclined Plane Lab
Kinetic Energy Lab
Kinetic Energy Lab
Moment Of Inertia of Pulley
Newton's 2nd Law Simple
Newton's 2nd Law System
Newton's 2nd Law with Photogates
Newton's Law Lab With Predictions
Photogate Acceleration Prelab
PocketLab Freefall Lab
Predicting Speed at Location on a Ramp
PVC Freefall
River Crossing Lab
River Crossing with Prediction Lab
Rolling Distance Lab
Rolling Distance Simple Lab
Satellite Playground
Satellite Speed Lab
Scale Lab (Torque and Equilibrium)
Sneaker Stopping Distance Lab
Stopping Distance
Stopping Distance version 2
Suspension Bridge
Treadmill Lab
Universal Gravitational Energy
Universal Gravity
Universal Gravity Mini Lab
Work to KE Lab
Work to PEe Lab
Work to PEg Lab
Bernoulli Lab
Buoyancy Lab
Candy Buoyancy Lab
Deep Sea Diver
Flow Rate From Dispenser Lab
Flow Rate Lab
Fluids in a U-Tube Lab
Pascals Principle Lab
PocketLab Pressure Below A Fluid Lab
Siphon Lab
Super Soaker Lab
Any Given Sunday
Efficiency of an Ideal Engine
Electrical Equivalent of Heat
Gas in Box Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Maxwell Distribution Lab
Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
Simple Thermal Speed Lab
Specific Heat of Liquid (Guided)
Specific Heat of Solid (Guided)
Accelerating Electrons
Capacitor Properties
Charge in Magnetic Field
Charge Moving Through Magnetic Field Basic
Charging a Capacitor in a DC Circuit
Closest Approach Between Particles
Coulomb's Law Lab
Force Electric Mini Lab
Force Electric MiniLab with Numbers
Induced Current Lab
Internal Resistance of a Battery
Magnetic Field from Wire
Magnetic Induction
Ohm's Law with Analog Meters
Parallel Circuits
Power of Light Bulb Lab
Rail Gun Lab
RC Circuits
RC in AC Lab
Resistance of Wire
Resistance of Wire based on Ohm's Law
RL in AC
Series Circuits
Simple Circuits
Space Around Charge Lab
Specific Heat of Fluid from Electrical Energy
Spinning Coil in Magnetic Field
Spinning Coil in Magnetic Field with Graph
Velocity from Repulsion
Converging Mirror Lab
Diffraction of Light
Distance to Destruction
Doppler Effect
Electromagnetic Spectrum with Diffraction Grating
EM Spectrum Viewed Using Diffraction Grating Lab
Guided Oscillations Lab
Horizontal Oscillations Lab
Horizontal Oscillations with Damping Lab
Interfering Waves
Lens Lab
Oscillations Lab
Pendulum PocketLab
Reflecting Waves
Refraction of Light
Resonance Tubes
Solar Flux Lab
Speed of Sound
Speed of Wave on String
Standing Waves
The Way a Mirror Works 2 Lab
The Way a Mirror Works Lab
The Way a Mirror Works Lab (Plane Mirror)
Emission Spectra Lab
Frequency from Energy Gap Lab
Half-Life Lab
Millikan Oil Drop Lab
Photoelectric Lab
Radiant Emission of Light
Radiation Detection Lab
Radioactive Shielding Lab
Thompson's Cathode Ray Tube Lab
Triangle Exploration Lab